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At WLO, providing immediate and top-notch customer support is our priority. We're proud to share that we've engaged with over 65,000 messages and responded to more than 12,000 emails from our valued customers.

Our dedication to excellent service is reflected in the over 7,000 five-star ratings we've received. Whether you have a question, need assistance, or just want to share your feedback, our team is always ready to help. Your satisfaction is our success!



My dog damaged the house. Can you send spare parts?

Absolutely! Damaged parts will be reshipped from our warehouse for a lower charge. Just provide the code or photos of the damaged part.

I broke the product during assembly. Can you send spare parts?

Certainly! WLO Store supports you until the product is fully assembled. We'll send the broken part immediately for a lower charge (small parts may only require shipping costs).


What if the dog house box contains missing or defective parts?

No worries! WLO Store will immediately resend the parts, free of charge. You only need to provide the code or photos of the damaged part.

Can I add extra cushions or tents to my order?

Yes, of course! Update your order with extra parts at our lower spare part prices, saving you from additional shipping costs.

I’m unsure about the product size or model. What should I do?

We've got you covered! All product dimensions and color options are detailed in our listing images. For hygiene reasons, exchanges are only possible if the box is unopened. You can return the product to our warehouse by covering the shipping cost (approximately $39 to $89).


What happens if the shipment arrives damaged?

WLO Store will replace any damaged parts free of charge! Just provide the code of the damaged part or photos.

What should I do if my order gets lost during shipment?

Just let us know! We'll promptly contact the shipping company to resolve the issue. If it's not resolved within 10 business days, you'll have two options: a full refund or a resend of the product with an emergency code.

Returns and Refunds

The product color doesn't match my furniture. Can I return it?

We can't accept returns due to color differences, unless there's a significant discrepancy from our listed images. Our wood colors are 98.4% accurate to the images. Slight variations may occur due to the nature of wood and our handmade painting technique. Please understand that matching the exact shade with other furniture is nearly impossible due to these natural variations.

My order is in transit, but I want to cancel. Can I return it?

We can't offer free returns. You can return the order with a domestic shipping fee ($39 to $89) once you receive the package.

I've assembled my wooden dog house, but it's not the size I expected. Can I return it?

We encourage customers to make the right choice before purchasing, as all product dimensions are provided in detail. We can offer a second dog house at a special discount rate. Due to hygiene rules, we cannot accept returns.

I've assembled my wooden dog house but want to exchange it for another model. What should I do?

Due to our hygiene rules, we cannot accept returns in this case. We advise contacting us before purchasing to ensure the right product selection.

The product isn't sturdy enough, and my dog broke it. Can I return it?

Our products undergo extensive testing for sturdiness before market release. If the assembly is correct but does not meet your expectations, we cannot offer a refund as we believe in the robustness of our materials.

I don't like the product's aesthetics. Can I return it?

We expect customers to evaluate aesthetic preferences before purchasing, and cannot accept returns based on this criterion.

I've assembled the product, but it's not sturdy due to loose screws. Can I return it?

Our products are shipped disassembled, and correct installation is the responsibility of the customer. We cannot accept returns due to installation errors.

I'm not satisfied with the paint and wood quality. Can I return it?

Material details are provided in our product images. We stand by our quality but cannot accept returns based on subjective expectations. In controversial situations, we aim to support our customers with reshipment.

My dog escaped through a gap in the chosen model. Can I return it?

We can offer extra parts to solve the issue. However, returns are not accepted in this scenario due to unpredictable pet behavior. We recommend choosing a fully enclosed model for escape-prone pets.

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