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Say Goodbye to Unattractive Metal Cages with WLO Crate Series!

Crafted from 100% premium, hand-made marine plywood, these cages offer a serene and cozy environment for your dogs, perfect for soothing even the most anxious breeds. The innovative air-gap design ensures maximum airflow, while the sleek, laser-cut acrylic front panels provide clear visibility and easy communication with your furry friend. Plus, the thoughtful design allows for gentle petting, even when your dog is inside the cage.

Choose WLO to express your affection for your canine companion in the best way possible.

Each WLO product is a testament to craftsmanship, shaped with precision using cutting-edge CNC and Laser cutting technology, and finished with a meticulous hand-painting process by our skilled woodworkers. The unique teeth-cut design in the wood and strategically placed screwing points guarantee unmatched durability.

And let's not overlook the convenience factor - WLO dog crates are a breeze to set up, and we offer lifetime support for spare parts. We're always just a message away to assist you. Our customer reviews, including those from our female clients, rave about the simplicity of installation. We're excited to offer you these stunning, one-of-a-kind products.

Your satisfaction and love for our creations mean the world to us.