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Remember our Cat Wall Units, available in 5 and 10-piece sets, designed divided especially for our adorable feline friends?

Your overwhelming interest led to many purchases, but we also encountered a challenge: customer feedback revealed that wall installation was leaving too many holes, causing frustration despite the product's quality.

At WLO, we saw this as an opportunity to innovate. While most products in the market are designed as divided pieces, we decided to think differently.

Introducing the "Compact Designed Cat Shelves."

The most striking feature of this innovation is the effortless installation with 6 points wall mounting structure. We've reimagined assembly by integrating multiple wooden elements into a single, easy-to-install unit for your home's walls. This approach doesn't just simplify the process; it elevates the aesthetics. Our shelves come with super soft cushion elements, a luxury you won't find in classic wall units, designed to entice your cat just as much as our cat trees.

We're proud to say that we've turned a significant challenge into a breakthrough solution. Not only have we enhanced the product, but we've also managed to keep costs low, ensuring you get the best value for your budget.

We're excited for you to experience this new offering and hope it delights you and your cat alike.