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Simple Dog Houses - WLO Wood

Our journey with this series began with a vision for simplicity and elegance, but it soon evolved into something far more remarkable.

The WLO Standards have transformed this simple concept into a series that's both complex and functionally comprehensive. While retaining all the features of our solid pine dog house series, its unique three-doorless design options have become a favorite for our freedom-loving canine companions.

Introducing a standout model from the series:

The WLO Curved Dog House

This model is the Porsche 911 of dog houses, a marvel of modern design. The curved acrylic glass creates a captivating world for your dog, blending seamlessly into any corner of your home with its double-door design. In crafting this model, we've utilized the thickest woods that our machines can precisely cut, ensuring a robust and elegant chassis.

This model is more than a dog house; it's a statement of high quality and aesthetics, designed to resonate with the feelings and spirits of our discerning customers.

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