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WLO Saves the Day

Our tiny and anxious rescue managed to chew the nameplate enough so that she jumped through the open spaces by the bone. I asked if WLO had a solution, and more plexiglass was on the way with a new nameplate. If you are looking at the smallest crate and your dog is on the smaller side, consider getting the extra kit to keep your furry one safe and contained.

Love the product but hate the smell

These are the cutest for my dogs-I’ve ordered 2 of the size 2 and have tried airing them out but they still have a strong chemical smell. I’m stuck between buying new kennels or kenneling my dogs in the garage😢.

Walnut & Ivory - Gabled Modern Dog Crate

I recently purchased the Walnut & Ivory - Gabled Modern Dog Crate, and I must say that I am very impressed with both the product and the overall experience. The crate came with easy-to-follow instructions. Even for someone like me who isn't particularly handy, putting it together was easy.
What's even more important is that my dog seemed to like it right away. It provides him with a cozy and secure space that he can call his own, which is essential for his comfort and well-being. It's roomy enough for him to move around comfortably, and the design fits perfectly into our apartment.
Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from WLO Wood. It's a fantastic addition to our home, and both my dog and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend WLO Wood for anyone in search of high-quality pet furniture.

So perfect!

We purchased for our new puppy and it’s just as cute assembled in our home as it is on their website! Love it.

Rocky’s New Room

I absolutely love Rocky’s new space. He is also very happy. It’s nice quality and easy to assemble. It’s the first time I see my dog willing to go to his bed on his own! It looks luxurious in my home. A win win!

Superb Piece of Furniture

This took my husband and I a long time to put together but it’s worth the trouble. It is so well made and it turns out really, really nice. We bought the long version and it’s huge. We have five cats and they love it.

Good quality bed

This bed is very well constructed. Easy to put together. Bed pillow is soft and cover has a zipper so it can washed. Great product!


It is beautiful, well crafted, fairly easy to put together. I love it. I love looking at it. My pup, Madigan, was hesitant at first so I left the door open and waited for her to want to go in and lay down. Worked like a charm. She loves it! 😊❤️☀️

Amazing dog house

Im obsessed with these dog houses. They're so cute and such great quality

Chic Doggy Bed

I ordered this bed for my dog a few weeks ago, it arrived earlier than expected. Easy, only took about an hour to build, and my dog kept supervising, he somehow knew this was for him. Once built my dog went inside and laid down immediately. He absolutely loves his new bed and I love how pretty it looks next to my bedroom decor.

White and Grey Crate

Absolutely love this crate with all of my heart!! ❤️ it is sooo amazing!! And all my girls fit in it! It's totally perfect!!!

Melody R

It’s awesome. My dogs love it. Very well constructed and was easy to assemble. I’ve shared with my friends who are dog parents

Excellent and beautiful but few imperfections

There are done imperfections on the wood that’s disappearing due to that is white is more noticiable. But is well constructed and it’s beautiful

The CUTEST dog house EVER!

This dog house is a dream. It's beautiful and of great quality. All the different styles and ideas. My puppy loves it. Also, shout out to the customer service who is very attentive and is willing to work with you and exceed all of your expectations as their customer. I was so pleased that I ordered a second dog house for my brothers puppy.


There was an issue with the first house I purchased. I contacted customer service and they exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful. Great customer service.

She loves it!

We brought a 4 year old Cavalier into our home. It was going to be a big adjustment for her. We bought her the house for my home office. She loves it! It’s her safe place. She spends time in it while mom works. Great craftsmanship. Lovely to look at. Cozy for her. Win/win.

Customer service? What customer service.

I received my product last week to find the wood of the top of the house missing. Apon realising, I sent an email and have had zero response back. Not good for an expensive product

Replacement parts

My dog unfortunately chewed a part of his house due to being scared of fireworks when we were not home. I purchased the replacement parts and they were delivered In a short amount of time. It was easy to change out the damaged pieces and our dog can enjoy his house again. Thank you wlo for the quick service.

Easy purchase

I am getting a new pup and I wanted a new sign for the crate and the representative sent me the link. I purchased it and came really fast. Thank you.

Well designed and high quality product

We are thrilled with our purchase of the WLO Wood Dog Crate. The quality and design exceeded our expectations. The sturdy construction and modern aesthetic are a huge upgrade from your standard dog crate. Assembly was a breeze with clear instructions.

The team at WLO were very kind and helpful with our inquiries. Our dog loves her new crate and we highly recommend it!

My kids and I love these crates

I have been a fan of WLO crates since 2019, around 28 fur babies used them. 8 crates of different sizes before improvements. now with improvements on the design such as raised bottom, waterproof replace/washable covers. Got 4 more crates purchased for my 8 fur babies. I recommend take advantage of the 30% discounts they are offering now. Customer service is Al excellent! When I spoke to them about new design with raised bottom, they made special flooring to fit my older crates. It’s built to last, I was able to donate order model crates to rescue organization. Can’t ask for more! Keep up the good work!

Gray & Black - Hexxon Modern Dog Crate

Bandit loves his new house!

Bandit loves his new house. He even goes to bed on his own now. His other one was too small, so now he has lots of room in this one. Great customer service as well!

Love this bed

Was skeptical about what size I should order for my dog so I sized up and got a bigger size. I’m glad I did lol my dog is only 4lbs but he has sooo much room to roll around and play on now. I’m sure if I stayed with size 1 he would’ve had enough space also but I’d rather be safe than sorry. And as far as putting the bed together it was very simple and easy. I put it together by myself in no time. The only thing extra that you would need is a small screwdriver to attach the name plate but other than that it came with everything. Also make sure you line up the holes perfectly when screwing the bed together to get a good fit. I get compliments on how cute it is and people always ask me where did I get it from. I will definitely be purchasing again in the near future.


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