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100% Organic Dog Care Products

Responding to the requests of our discerning customers, we've channeled WLO's financial resources and commitment to integrity into our organic pet care line. Our focus isn't on flashy packaging or misleading claims. Instead, we're proud to introduce dog care products specially formulated for WLO, developed in France by our team of expert chemists.

These products are free from harmful chemicals that could leave residues on your dog's skin. We encourage you to try our organic series, enriched with essential plant oils known for their potent cleansing and moisturizing properties, and backed by successful laboratory testing.

Our goal was to craft a powerful formula that provides long-term satisfaction for both you and your furry companion, prioritizing high-quality ingredients over expensive packaging.

Following a rigorous 1-year testing and development phase with about 50 influencers, we're thrilled to announce that our products have achieved outstanding satisfaction ratings and are now ready for you.

This is your chance to experience our organic products, designed to bring happiness to you and your pet, while enabling us to continually enhance our offerings.