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Elevate both style and practicality with our WLO Solid Pine Wood Series Dog Houses.

Crafted from 100% natural, top-grade solid pine wood, this series is the perfect choice for dogs with chewing habits and allergies. For pet owners prioritizing health and aesthetics, this solid wood series is a superior alternative to our plywood cage series.

Unlike the crate series, this solid pine wood dog house series isn't designed to confine certain breeds completely. It's ideal for calm, well-trained dogs, and for those who appreciate the beauty of natural wood. However, it's important to note that while these dog houses are secure, they aren't escape-proof – there's always a bit of room for your dog's playful antics at this solid pine dog houses.

In addition, for those seeking elegance and comfort in cooler, damp environments like balconies or covered terraces, we offer an elevated version of the dog house.

WLO products are expertly designed to resist moisture and cold. We apply a special water-based protective mixture for the final wood finishing, ensuring durability in various conditions. However, they are not intended for extreme weather exposure like heavy rain or snow in completely open areas.

And here's some exciting news:

WLO is currently developing outdoor hut projects complete perfect for any weather conditions.

Choose WLO for a blend of sophistication, comfort, and peace of mind for your beloved pet.