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False advertisement

So.. I got the natural colored crate & I’m disappointed to report that crate doesn’t look anything like the picture from the website. Quite honestly it looks like a unstained wood & just doesn’t look good. I’m frustrated that I have to return it.

Happy puppy

Excellent service and quick shipping.

Standard Skyline Cat Tree

Very well made and easily assembled! This is a beautiful cat tree and love that there are replacement parts if needed in the future! One of the wood items arrived damaged and I reached out to wlo with a photo on Friday and had a replacement by Monday! We haven’t attached it to the wall, we may in the future as it does rock a bit and the cats aren’t fans of the movement. I have 3 cats and unfortunately they have shown very little interest in it but hopefully with some time they will use it. This company had great customer service and even included a cute wooden candle holder that matches. I would not hesitate to purchase from them if you are considering something!

Pueblo Dog Crate

Fig loves his dog crate. It’s super comfy, has plenty of room and attractive! It arrived shortly after the order was placed and wasn’t difficult to put together.

Incredibly convenient process for ordering replacement components and shipped immediately. Thank you!

Best little dog house ever!

I'm glad it was super easy to assemble. Good quality wood and not pressed wood either! My pupoy loves it as much as I do.

So cute.

I just got Ike from a rescue and I think he really likes having a little place of his own. This dog house is cute and perfect for him to relax in. I got the size 1, the smallest size, he’s 11 lbs, and it’s a good fit with room to lie down, move around, bring his toys inside.

Best House dog

My dog loves it. She had another house, but it was getting hard for me to make her goes inside and I finally decided to replace it and made a good decision with the WLO dog house. My dog goes in and stays in without hesitation. It looks beautiful and matches my bedroom set.

Love it & pup does too

Purchased the crate for our 6 month Samoyed so we had a comfy nice looking crate for our living room. Not only is it beautiful but our Sammie loves it and willingly goes in to rest, play & have treats.

Like a mansion!

Toby loves his new house and I love it too, it’s so fun to decorate it!


We love the new house is very spacious and beautiful love the fact is open because my dog have never been in a cage lock they always free in the whole house thank you so much Coshita and Romeo love their new home

The quality of everything is so amazing! Even the free cushion is surprisingly good. All our dogs love their new homes!

Beautiful quality

Both myself and my dog love his crate. It fits beautifully in the house and was also very easy to assemble! WLO was also very prompt in helping me with my questions! Thank you!

Darling Cute

I love this crate and so does my dog…perfect for the spot I have it in…and it’s super cute!!!!

These cushions are an exact replacement for the ones that come with the cat tree. I purchased them for the future, in case I ever need them. They are soft and well made.

Super cute and easy to assemble

Easy to assemble. Sturdy and super cute design. Bella loves her house!

I love the house, although I feel the size 1 is a little small for my dog who is currently 11lbs (will grow to 24lbs) so he will soon outgrow and I will need to buy something else.

Super impressed!! Exceptionally fast shipping!! Great quality!! Would 100 percent recommend!!

Exxon wood replacement

Everything worked out wonderfully. I made an error and they fixed it immediately. They are a great service for communication and understanding and I have been recommending them
For two years. Enjoy your purchase.